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Soil & Compost

To really understand the difference between good quality screened compost and rotten manure, you must understand there is a natural scientific reaction that happens. We take cattle, sheep and horse manure and mix hardwood sawdust (carbon) and increase the carbon ratio. This also creates heat killing weed seeds and sterilizing the soil mixture. This increases the expensive part of fertilizers (Phosphorous and Potassium) naturally. No odour is present at completion. The turning process happens 2-3 times a week for 2 months.  After curing, (2 or 3 months) we then screen the compost removing debris into a fine finished product.

At this time it can be mixed with topsoil, and or sand depending on your specific use of the product. Your custom mix is then loaded into one of our trucks and delivered at your convenience.


For smaller amounts our younger children operate a self serve "BUCK A BUCKET". A great deal for all of your topsoil, mulch, compost needs at our landscape supply area at our location. Much cheaper than by the bag and better for the environment.

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